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What is the difference between a used device and refurbished device?

Consumers who are smart know that the devices we use on the regular are not assets, but liabilities! Although big companies might persuade us to believe that they are investments, they are not actually investments. Laptops and computers have become a necessity, and everyone needs access to a computer or a laptop to navigate through life in current times. Necessities unlike luxuries should be affordable, but if the big companies are honest with you then they would also have to price it accordingly. We, at Tech Origins, are on a mission to democratize technology by making it more accessible and affordable to more people. If you are looking to buy used or refurbished laptops and computers then this article is for you!

So rational customers that intend to yield the most return on their money seek used laptops or devices. Now there are some inherent issues with the second hand market and laptops and computers that are available there, this is especially true for people who are looking to buy used laptops and computers in the UAE. Consumers do not feel confident in purchasing such items because they do not know how the previous owner has handled the items they are going to buy, and they have no way of knowing the condition of the computer they are going to buy. Even if they are assured that the device they are purchasing is in good health they are not sure about the longevity of their device. If you buy a second hand item, any harm that may come to the product falls on the new owner. Hence, many customers avoid buying used since they have trust issues or have had negative prior experience in used markets.
This is why a lot of rational consumers only buy certified refurbished items! Now there are a lot of companies that sell used items, but brand it as refurbished so they can charge a premium, and since many consumers are not fully aware of refurbished devices they are fooled by such sellers. At Tech Origins, we have a 20 point checklist that needs to be met before we pass out any device to new customers. We check that the laptop or device is functionally and cosmetically ok or not, and on top of that, we offer after sales service to further give our customers piece of mind.
We check everything from screen brightness nits to speaker decibel levels, and everything in between. We make sure that the batteries in our laptop devices hold at least 80% of the charge, the insides are clean, and are not water damaged, or prone to being damaged. We ensure that every key, every click works, and that every device has a clean fast, and optimally working storage drive. From hardware to software is thoroughly tested through state of the art softwares that tell us more about the device than the owner does. We preemptively change any parts that need changing, with original OEM parts, to make sure the device that we hand down is perfect by all means. If the device is cosmetically damaged, we apply vinyl sheets, or get them fully repainted. If items have massive damage then we replace the body with new original OEM parts to ensure maximum durability of the product.

Since all our products go through rigorous testing we stand behind our work and products and offer warranties. Usually refurbished items are much higher in price than used products due to the reasons listed above. It takes considerable time and effort to refurbish a used product and hence it drives the costs up. However, we conduct market research on all our products to offer below than retail prices not only in the UAE, but in the entire Middle East Region, to maximize the amount of value our customers can receive. We are in this business to recycle used items, and to redirect them to consumers who need them the most without exploiting them. When you buy a product from Tech Origins UAE, your purchase is fully secured by our warranty, and your product is always a certified Tech Origins refurbished product.