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How to choose a new laptop for yourself?

The first thought that pops into our minds when our laptop starts showing signs of age is to get a new one. We start wondering how a new laptop will fix all of our problems, a newer laptop could mean greater battery life which could result in us spending more time outdoors. But do you really WANT to spend more time outdoors in this UAE weather? Well there's no arguing with the fact that we could look cooler sipping our coffees in our favorite cafes. Well, whatever the reason is you're sure you want to upgrade your laptop, but how does one choose a new laptop for themselves?

Well it all depends on what you do and what your lifestyle is, what you require from your laptop, and the most important of all, your BUDGET. You don't need to swipe your credit card for every purchase, try to keep things in your budget for once, please! 
Well, let's get right to it.

Choose a laptop that fits your lifestyle: 

  • If you're a gamer you obviously need a laptop with a capable GPU, a heavy duty processor like a quad core processor if you're really about that FPS life. Your laptop will be expensive, let’s get that straight, but it will also be power hungry, and it’ll be heavy to carry so it may not be the best choice for portability. You also won’t look cool sipping your coffee with a laptop that leaks RGB. If you're a moderate level gamer, and enjoy light games, a good budget laptop with a moderately sized GPU would do the job. You'd look professional bringing that laptop to the office with you, and would also be able to sneakily get that W, while you're on company time. Talk about a double W!

  • If you like to use your laptop for media consumption, and light work like using the occasional MS WORD, then you should opt for lighter, more portable laptops, with smaller processors. Now, everyone freaks out when they hear they're compromising on processing power. Well, think of it as a car, the bigger the processor the more juice it requires, and the more heat it produces, and the higher the maintenance it requires. Intel celeron, and pentium laptops exist for a reason, learn to love those! They are extremely budget friendly too! We have celeron laptops starting from as low as 450 AED!

  • You have a very specific niche, for example, you’re field engineer, and require something that can withstand high temperatures, maybe you’re clumsy and you like to drop your laptop, you need a tough machine, well look into "toughbooks". They're specifically built for that reason. Even if you're not a field engineer, but a parent who’s tired of their child breaking their laptop you can buy a toughbook that will tolerate your child like you do. Now that's a big claim, and we will stand by it! You can shop toughbooks on our website as well and we don't charge a premium on them!

  • You're a designer, and you're all about that rendering speed. Well then you need a machine with a dedicated GPU that gets the job done, while also being portable enough that you can bring your projects home with you, and still be able to work on your designs. You can browse laptops with a good 2 GB GPU if you're looking for anything in a budget. 

    Now we all know buying a laptop is a big purchase. The cost of new ones start from around 4 thousand dirhams! Now we also know you don't want to buy a used laptop, you're tired of your old laptop being a pain, you don't want to bring home anybody else's problems. Well, buy refurbished. Refurbished items come with warranty, and all the faulty parts are replaced with new parts. If you buy from us, we make sure we upgrade the specs of the laptop too to make sure it stays updated with all the new age tech that's rolling out! 

Give us a chance! We consider everything you need while also considering your budget, we then make personalized recommendations SPECIFICALLY for you! 
We make sure the laptop you get is in its best functional condition, and we're so sure of our work, we OFFER WARRANTIES.